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Inside The Great Northern Hotel

The owls are not what they seem...

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April 22nd, 2010

Twin Peaks Rap

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January 27th, 2010


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I think I may have mentioned this here before, but zappos.com RULEZ. I ordered boots yesterday at 4 pm and selected the free 4-5 day shipping. ALWAYS select this method. A few hours later, they sent an email saying they upgraded me to free expedited shipping for free - this has happened every single time I have ordered from them, so I never pay for the faster shipping. As of 8:30 this morning they were already out for delivery to my home. DUDE. That has got to be some of the fastest shipping ever. They didn't even send them out until like 10 pm last night. Plus they are out of state, so no tax.


Edited to add photo of said boots. They are over the knee and made by Chinese Laundry.

December 30th, 2009

New Years Resolutions 2010

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I'm pretty sure I've said SOMEthing about NY's resolutions almost every year since I've had this, so I figured even though I barely post anymore I'd talk about the upcoming year a bit.

There are a lot of exciting things in store for 2010. Things I can't discuss yet, but THINGS all the same. Not all of these things are happening to me, but I'm jazzed all the same. I'm really looking forward to this year.

As for what I resolve to do with 2010 personally, here is a short list:

1. Start my own etsy shop with hand-knit items. I will begin with hats. I've even ordered a mannequin head to model them on. I think first I just need to get a lot of items finished, then put them up and start on more ambitious things. I don't really care if it makes a ton of money, I want it to make enough money to pay for more knitting supplies.

2. Try more adventurous knits. I am good at this, I want to start more complicated projects like fancy sweaters.

3. Stop worrying so much about "the future". I have a tendency to just look forward to things and not enjoy what is happening right now. I'm not saying that I'll only live in the moment and not plan for future things like a home and family. I'm really just saying that I want to stop living for something that may or may not happen in the future and be happy with what I have right now, which is a lot. I love my life, I don't focus on that enough.

That is really it. I'd like to say "get skinny", but I say that every year. I think I'd just like to slowly try to be a little healthier. No resolution, just subtle change. Dan has a gym membership now, that helps. We're still pretty lazy, though.

I hope everyone has a lovely New Year's Eve!

December 18th, 2009

My blog

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I just wanted to reiterate that most of my posting is now happening on my blogger blog, which can be found here:

And can be followed on lj here:

November 18th, 2009

My blog

nerd glasses
So, ok, for REAL this time I am going to start updating my blog all the time. I plan to blog about cats, knitting and my exciting life. Or just try and talk about funny things. Cats and knitting make me sound 80.


lj syndicated!

Or just the blog itself:

I know, it is a dorky title. It sounded good when I set it up.

September 21st, 2009


nerd glasses
House is on. HOUSE! HOUSE! HOUSE!!!!!

I might have to have sex with my tv tonight.

Hehe, box.

nerd glasses
I just wanted to let all of you know that Dan bought me Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box for my DS last week and I am THOROUGHLY enjoying it. Super fun puzzle time. I will get other Professor Layton games, I'm sure.

Also, I enjoy saying diabolical box. A little too much.

September 15th, 2009


Cuddle Buckets
My mom (also my next door neighbor) is getting a kitty tonight! Which is basically like me getting a new kitty that doesn't take up any additional space, since I'm not really allowed any more cats (3 is too many as it is). So yay! I'm excited. He does not have a name yet, he is about 7-8 years old and is an abyssinian.

September 6th, 2009


nerd glasses
The blocking was successful and now I have a finished cape/poncho of beautiful hot pink lace. It is also VERY SOFT. I love it! :)

September 5th, 2009

I know, I don't post anymore, so most of you aren't aware that for two months on and off I have been working on a lace knitting project that was SUCKING MY WILL TO LIVE. Towards the end, every row took like 45 minutes to knit. But I finished it! Yes I did indeed! It is now blocking on my foam snap together flooring that I bought for blocking just such a project. I'll post more pictures once it is finished drying and the ends are trimmed and you can see me wearing this shawl/cape. I now feel like a much more experienced knitter having finished my first lace project, even though it took me forever. I still can't quite get over how I finally have found something I truly love to do and am so good at. I felt hobby-less for such a long time. I'm so content in my knitting now!

On to the photos...


Full shots and more closeups beyond the cut:
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