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Anyone around?

I just wanted to let you know, if you don't already know me on Facebook or Twitter, you can follow my next blogging adventure here:

Nothing too deep. Possibly a lot of stuff about my cats or how I love Noel Fielding and Jason Segel. Especially Noel Fielding right now. But I have a fickle heart, could change anytime.

I miss lj, but I feel like maybe tumblr might be the closest thing to it that is more alive. LJ seems so dead.
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Happy 44th birthday yesterday. It's weird we don't know each other anymore, wish we were friends and I could tell you happy birthday for real. Weird that this is my only connection to you.
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Welcome to the place where I write things.


Hello and welcome. This space used to say friends only, but only half of my posts are of that nature so it was kind of a lie. I don't particularly care for people to friend me without saying hello or knowing me already, but whatever, I have no control over that.

My journal is mostly for things I find amusing these days, and for posting pictures of things. It is kind of boring, but I still need it for getting stuff out every once in a while.

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I'm pretty much 99% blogging on my blogger blog these days, but I do still read you and comment occasionally. That is if you still post.

I wrote a blog about my ex and his email spamming me today, check it out:

Hey Jim, if you're out there, this one is about YOU.

If you want to follow my crazy, here is a way to do it via lj:

Here is just a link to the main blog page.

It is still only about once a week, but I'm trying. Hope you're entertained.